The professionals at KCG Aquatec Fish Farming Consultancy Co. Ltd are competent to consult in all areas of aquaculture and fisheries sector and have many years of combined experience in practical, applied, and theoretical aspects of the field. We offer the full spectrum of consultancy services from fish farm site assessments to project design, planning, execution and management. This is organized through our core experts in various relevant discipline who are located strategically in different part of Tanzania and other experts around the world who are coordinated by the company’s permanent staffs,
All our services can be personalized, as flexibility is highly prioritized. KCG tries to meet its customers’ demands as much as possible. In this way our innovative approach is maintained.
KCG Aquatec Fish Farming Consultancy Co. Ltd can provide a wide range of services for fisheries and aquaculture projects, which perfectly meets the customer’s need.