Mr Stephano Adrian Karoza


Stephano Adrian Karoza has MSc in aquaculture science from Bogor in Indonesia and is an experienced project manager and technical consultant. He has worked on projects relating to aquaculture and fisheries in the Tanzania over 7 years. Selected experience includes Principal Investigator in a collaborative research project called SNIPH project which aims to increase Omega 3 Fatty acid in farmed Tilapia, he has done many Aquaculture consultancy and research such as, Conducting Aquaculture baseline study 2019, funded by FOODTECH AFRICA, consultancy on Tilapia fish cage farming in the Lake Victoria 2017-2018, Research on growth performance of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) subjected to feeds Made by duckweeds (Lamnaceae spp) at Bogor Agriculture University in Indonesia 2014, Project proposal write up on integrated aquaculture in Ukerewe District, submitted to UNDP Tanzania Office 2012, Water quality Assessment in Tilapia fish ponds to evaluate the effects of Water quality to Growth performance of Tilapia, this was done in collaboration with Tanzania Fisheries

Research Institute 2010, Project research on the Effects of dietary protein levels on growth performance of captive

Mud crab (Scylla serrata) – a case study at Pangani Estuary Tanga- Tanzania 2009, Study On sea weed and pearl Oyster farming at Institute of Marine Science (IMS) in Zanzibar 2018


Selected KCG Aquatec Fish Farming Consultancy Co. Ltd Project History and Experience

2019- Up to date: Consultancy on Tilapia fish cage farming project with Sea and Shore Safaris Company Ltd in Busega District Simiyu Region. Also, we are doing other projects in Ukerewe Island- OHK Aqua farm (Muluseni Village), Matembo Family fish cage farm (Namasabo Village), Beth Equisolutions Co. Ltd fish cage farm (Nantare Village), Ushindi SDA fish farming group (Muluseni Village).

2018 – Developed a proposal for cage aquaculture outgrower’s scheme project teaser to be implemented by Dypercor Holdings.

2018- Consultancy on Tilapia fish cage farming in Ukerewe Island- Kasegenya Fisheries Company

2018- Aquaculture baseline and market study in mainland Tanzania-Foodtech Africa

2015- Consultancy on Integrated Tilapia fish farming in Namagondo Village in Ukerewe Island- Funded by UNDP Tanzania

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